AudioBox on Android

Your music collection is now truly portable! Stream from anywhere, it doesn't matter where your files are stored. Upload and stream from the cloud, directly from your desktop or from the most popular cloud services. Mix your favorite tracks in custom or smart playlists, even if they are stored on different cloud sources.


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  • Background streaming.
  • Pause/resume during phone calls.
  • Artwork and track informations in lock screen.
  • Lyrics integration.
  • Artwork support,
  • Grouped album collections.
  • Share metadata informations on social networks.

Features inherited from AudioBox Platform.

  • Now playing/scrobble to
  • Now playing to Facebook
  • Now playing to Twitch.TV
  • Lyrics
  • AudioBox Cloud streaming
  • Stream from your own computer via AudioBox Desktop
  • Dropbox streaming
  • GDrive streaming
  • SkyDrive streaming
  • SoundCloud streaming
  • streaming

Automatic Lyrics

If your media file contains correct metadata, tapping on the artwork on the player screen will make lyrics appear.

Playlist Refresh

Playlists needs to be refresh manually when adding/removing media files on the platform. From the track list view pull down the screen to refresh them.

Trouble with large media files from AudioBox Desktop.

Sometimes the app might face some problems while streaming large media files, especially from AudioBox Desktop.
There are a number of technical factors for this, for example if you have a 2 minutes/40MB track, remember that you are on a mobile device and things should be tidy.
Even if you are in WiFi mode you can't really expect that a phone can keep up this kind of streaming, especially if your upload speed is poor.
If the app sees no incoming data it will attempt to switch to the next track to continue the playback.
For best results in almost every situation we recommend using the always available AudioBox Cloud to store your files. Usually a 256kbps MP3 file will do the trick nicely.

Error: Unable to view this playlist due to bad subscription state or required software is not running.

You may get this error because the setup of the playlist you are trying to stream is not complete yet.

  • If you are streaming from external storage services a subscription is required, get one.
  • If you are subscribed user and the error message appears, fix your account by connecting to the requested service.
  • If the error appears on the AudioBox Desktop playlist make sure it is running on your machine.

Permissions explained.

Here's a complete list (with exaustive explaination) of required permissions in order to run AudioBox application on your android mobile device:

Permission Description Reason
Phone READ_PHONE_STATE read phone status and identity Check if the phone is ringing or a call has ended to pause/unpause the player
Ext-storage WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE test access to protected storage Used to save and cache covers artwork
NOTE: SD cards are also identified as external storage.
Accounts AUTHENTICATE_ACCOUNTS add or remove account Allows the application to act as an AccountAuthenticator for AudioBox accounts
GET_ACCOUNTS find accounts on the device Get the AudioBox account
USE_CREDENTIALS use accounts on the device Use the saved AudioBox account to access your collection
MANAGE_ACCOUNTS create accounts and set passwords Create the AudioBox account on your device
Device access
Network INTERNET full network access AudioBox API access
ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE view network connections Check if the mobile is online
Energy WAKE_LOCK prevent phone from sleeping Prevent Android from stop music when screen is locked
Audio MODIFY_AUDIO_SETTINGS change your audio settings Mutes audio on incoming calls and sets it back up once call has ended
Sync READ_SYNC_SETTINGS read sync settings Needed to keep AudioBox data synced with the mobile device
WRITE_SYNC_SETTINGS toggle sync on and off Switches AudioBox sync on or off
Storage READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE modify or delete contents of your USB storage Used to get covers artwork from the cache
NOTE: SD cards are also identified as external storage.
* Android 2.3 API level 9 support will be soon discontinued in favor of Android 2.3.3 API level 10. If your Android version is 2.3 or lesser please consider upgrade.