More amazing multimedia content is coming out every day. The only downside? Organizing your collection is getting more time-consuming and tedious. You run into hard disk failures, application setup and maintenance issues, synchronization hiccups, a tangle of cables and adapters...when all you really want to do is kick back and enjoy your media.

We created AudioBox™ because we think an awesome media collection deserves to be organized, accessible and secure – and that getting it this way should be quick and easy.

First, there's no chance of losing data. You can use your cloud storage service of choice - Dropbox, SkyDrive, Google Drive, Box and others - so your media files are at your fingertips on every supported platform, ready to be streamed or managed anytime, anywhere.

AudioBox redefines how all types of media files are streamed and managed in the cloud by giving them a secure, “always-on” life. Regardless of the device you use to access them, they’re always right where you want them.

Our patent-pending Unified Library™ technology connects your AudioBox account to third-party storage services, making all of their functionality available on a single platform. It also lets you expand your features by linking your account to external services such as Last.fm, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and many others.

AudioBox™ is the best home and most advanced platform in the Cloud for every media file out there.

iCoreTech, Inc.

We are an agile media and technology workshop originally started in Milan, Italy in 2009.

Being huge music fans, near the end of 2010, we focused on building AudioBox with a simple and ambitious goal: to be the best, modern and most technologically advanced media platform available.

iCoreTech Inc. received funding at the beginning of 2012, and is now licensing the AudioBox service platform to major players.